Move Evolve Yoga: Navigating the Digital Landscape with Adelaide Business Hub

Move Evolve Yoga: Navigating the Digital Landscape with Adelaide Business Hub

Running a successful yoga business involves more than just mastering poses and teaching classes—it's about creating a brand and reaching the right audience. Toni Ries, the passionate owner of Move Evolve Yoga, understands this journey well.

For the past two years, Toni has been leading yoga classes at the scenic Somerton Yacht Club. Her classes have grown in popularity, prompting her to officially launch Move Evolve Yoga as a business this year. As a sole trader, she currently rents the yacht club on a class-by-class basis, nurturing her community and building a loyal client base.

Embarking on the Digital Journey

Toni's leap into the business world brought with it a host of new challenges, especially in the digital realm. "I was very new to business and had no idea where to start," she recalls. Her journey began at a business networking event, where she was introduced to the Adelaide Business Hub's Digital Solutions program.

Before joining the program, Toni faced significant digital challenges. "My pain point was that I had no idea where to start," she admits. "I feel like I am that person that everything I touch digitally, turns to mush. I break everything and spend hours trying to fix things."

Transformative Learning and Growth

Through the Digital Solutions Program, Toni found the support and guidance she needed. Workshops, mentoring sessions, and webinars provided her with crucial skills and knowledge. "I feel a lot more comfortable finding the solutions to problems now," she says. "There are people that can help me, and I feel a lot more comfortable tackling things."

The program's impact on her digital presence has been profound. Toni learned to create effective Meta Ads and established a Google Business listing, which now boasts numerous reviews. She also gained a deeper understanding of her target market and how to advertise to it. "I feel a lot more comfortable knowing what I do know and also not knowing what I don't yet know," she reflects.

Concrete Results and Future Aspirations

The practical results of the program are evident in Toni's improved digital strategy. She now knows how to effectively present her business name, write compelling content for her class booking system, and navigate social media platforms like Instagram. With expert guidance, Toni successfully set up foundational elements for her online presence and got listed on Google, even without a website.

For other businesses considering the Digital Solutions Program, Toni offers clear advice: "Why wouldn't you? It's a no-brainer. This will help you at whatever level you are currently at."

Stay Connected

To follow Toni's journey and join the Move Evolve Yoga community, connect with her on social media on Instagram and Facebook

By embracing digital tools and resources, Toni Ries has not only grown her yoga business but also transformed her approach to reaching and engaging with her audience. Her story is a testament to the power of Digital Solutions in empowering small businesses to thrive in an increasingly online world.