Exploring the Wonders of the Limestone Coast with Coonawarra Experiences

Exploring the Wonders of the Limestone Coast with Coonawarra Experiences

In 2017, Kerry took a leap of faith, leaving behind the bustling streets of Melbourne to immerse herself in the serene beauty of South Australia's Limestone Coast. This adventurous move marked the inception of Coonawarra Experiences, a boutique tour operation that has since become synonymous with bespoke, luxury travel in one of Australia's premier wine regions.

A Unique Blend of Wine and Wonders

Coonawarra Experiences is not just a tour company; it is a gateway to the rich tapestry of the Limestone Coast. Kerry’s love for the region is evident in the diverse range of services offered. From intimate afternoon wine tours to multi-day packages tailored for discerning international guests, every tour is a curated journey through Coonawarra’s vineyards, historic caves, stunning coastlines, and vibrant wildlife.

Kerry and her partner personally manage every aspect of the business, ensuring that each guest receives not just a tour, but a concierge-level experience. Their deep connections with local producers and multi-generational families allow them to offer exclusive insights and access that few others can match.

The Inspiration Behind the Venture

The Meares' passion for wine and a keen eye for market opportunities were the driving forces behind the move to Penola/Coonawarra. Frequent visits to the area revealed a gap in the market for high-quality, personalised tour services. Seizing this opportunity, they transitioned into the world of tourism and small business, bringing with them a fresh perspective and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Growing with Women in Business Foundations Program

Recognising the importance of continuous improvement, Kerry joined the Women in Business Foundations Program through Adelaide Business Hub. As a relatively new entrepreneur, Kerry sought guidance on enhancing operations and profitability. The program offered valuable insights into managing a business effectively, highlighting the importance of valuing their time and balancing service delivery with profitability.

The knowledge gained has already prompted Kerry to critically evaluate their offerings and develop new, more profitable products. She emphasises the value of clear objectives and being open to constructive criticism, viewing the journey of business growth as a marathon rather than a sprint.

Looking Ahead

Coonawarra Experiences is poised for continued success, driven by Kerry's dedication and the strategic enhancements inspired by her participation in the Women in Business Foundations Program. As they refine their services and expand their offerings, they remain committed to showcasing the many facets of the Limestone Coast, from its world-renowned wines to its natural and cultural treasures.

For those considering a personalised exploration of the Limestone Coast, Coonawarra Experiences promises an unforgettable adventure, meticulously crafted to reveal the region’s hidden gems.

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