Eight at the Gate Wines: Crafting Excellence in South Australia's Limestone Coast

Eight at the Gate Wines: Crafting Excellence in South Australia's Limestone Coast

Nestled in the heart of the Wrattonbully Wine Region on South Australia's Limestone Coast, Eight at the Gate Wines is a testament to the power of family, sustainability, and passion for premium wine. Owned and operated by sisters Jane and Claire Richards, this first-generation family business has been cultivating exceptional cool-climate wines since 2002.

A Family Affair

The name "Eight at the Gate" is inspired by Jane and Claire's eight children, often found hanging off gates and fences in their youth, symbolising the family's intertwined roots with the vineyard. Their approach to viticulture mirrors their parenting philosophy: create a nurturing, sustainable environment and let nature take its course. This hands-off approach has allowed their wines to express the terroir of the Limestone Coast authentically.

From Grapes to Greatness

Initially, Jane and Claire focused on growing grapes for other wine companies. However, they soon realised that to create a sustainable long-term business, they needed to add value by producing their own wines. About 12 years ago, they shifted their focus from solely growing grapes to crafting their own premium wines, a decision that has defined Eight at the Gate's unique place in the market.

Navigating Challenges with Support

Balancing the demands of running a business with raising a family, particularly as a single parent, posed significant challenges for Jane and Claire. This led them to join the Adelaide Business Hub’s Women in Business Foundations Program. The program provided a strategic overview, helping them identify which areas of their business needed the most attention. They gained validation for their feelings of overwhelm and learned to prioritise tasks using the 80/20 Principle, focusing on activities that add the most value.

Strategic Marketing Insights

One of the key learnings from the program was the need to refine their marketing and communication strategies. By understanding their core audience's preferences, Jane and Claire are working on creating a relatable and practical guide to choosing wines, moving beyond traditional wine tasting notes. This strategic shift aims to resonate more deeply with their target market segments.

Looking Forward

While it's still early to measure the impact of these changes, Jane and Claire are committed to continual improvement. They advise other businesses considering the Women in Business Foundations Program to be clear about their goals and open in their communication with consultants to achieve the most authentic outcomes.

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