Carriage of Occasion: Elevating Experiences with Horse-Drawn Carriages

Carriage of Occasion: Elevating Experiences with Horse-Drawn Carriages

Nestled in the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula, Carriage of Occasion, owned by Shaye Clark, has been crafting unforgettable horse-drawn experiences for nearly 15 years. Based in Strathalbyn, this family-run business has evolved from humble beginnings to become a beloved provider of unique and diverse horse-drawn carriage experiences across the state.

A Journey Through Carriage of Occasion's Offerings

Carriage of Occasion offers a range of delightful experiences that cater to various tastes and occasions. Their peak offerings include the enchanting Horse-Drawn Wine Tour in Langhorne Creek and the elegant Horse-Drawn High Tea Tour in Strathalbyn. These tours offer a perfect blend of luxury and nostalgia, providing guests with a unique way to enjoy the stunning landscapes and local delights of the region.

Beyond these signature tours, Carriage of Occasion also provides a variety of other experiences. Guests can enjoy hands-on interactions with the horses, embark on whimsical bear hunts, or even take a refreshing beach swim. Additionally, Carriage of Occasion offers calm and experienced horses for weddings and funerals, adding a touch of grace and tradition to these significant life events.

Embracing Digital Transformation with Adelaide Business Hub

Recognising the need to enhance their digital presence, Carriage of Occasion joined the Digital Solutions Program provided by Adelaide Business Hub. This decision was driven by the opportunity to automate their digital properties and streamline their online operations.

Before joining the program, Carriage of Occasion faced several digital challenges and pain points. Through the workshops, mentoring, and webinars offered by the Digital Solutions Program, Shaye learned to identify the gaps in the business's online presence and acquired the skills to manage them. This newfound knowledge has been instrumental in enhancing their digital visibility and operations.

Impact and Measurable Results

One of the most significant impacts of the Digital Solutions Program has been the automation of follow-up emails. This improvement has not only saved time but also ensured consistent and timely communication with customers. Shaye acknowledges that the program has highlighted many areas for further improvement, the guidance provided has been invaluable.

Advice for Other Businesses

Shaye encourages other businesses to participate in the Digital Solutions Program, emphasising the importance of an external perspective. "Do it! When you live and breathe your business as I do, it is very hard to see where the gaps are in many areas. My mentor was able to show me some areas where I can make small changes, which will have a big impact" Shaye advises.

For those looking to elevate their business and embrace digital transformation, Carriage of Occasion's journey serves as an inspiring example.

To learn more about their enchanting horse-drawn experiences, visit their website at Carriage of Occasion and Facebook