One on One Consults

At ABH we believe that meeting the needs of start-ups and established small businesses begins with what our clients say they are good at and what they are not:

We have partnered with a company expert in this area (QLBS) to easily diagnose priorities and work out barriers to success.

So far, 400 clients have said that that to grow faster and be more profitable, they want to work on:

  • Research & Development of new opportunities
  • People & Employment
  • Administration & Production
  • Their Role as a Business Owner
  • Marketing & Sales

Thanks to the Department of State Development, a new project for 2016-7 will support 150 small business owners operating broadly in NW/Western Adelaide, to identify what is important to them and receive one-on-one consulting assistance for positive action.

This project compliments our Federal ‘Business Solutions’ project already secured by ABH to deliver additional consulting hours to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow and be more profitable.

Contact : Tania Dunduk, Business Consultant, Adelaide Business Hub, 8440 2440