Networking Pics

Our Hub tenants in Port Adelaide are always up to something!

Another great coffee club turnout!

Vivianne Patzel came by with her Bean There Drank That van and looked after the Zing boys, Brandon and Tania (Adelaide Business Hub), Bronte Eckermann (Zing International) Jim Handley (Handley Accounting), and Mary Anne, who is a NEIS participant with (Brace Education)

On Fridays, we eat Paella!

Patrick Escobar successfully completed the NEIS program with Brace Education and visits us every Friday with his homemade paella.

If you are interested in Patrick catering for an event,
contact Paellas SA on Ph 0406 663 204

Barista Event for our tenants with Michael (Buy Back Australia), George (owner of Bellachino) and Lyn.

The Burger Kings from Zing International staged a cricket themed bbq.

Zak (Wise Employment), visitor Joy with Vin (Henderson Horrocks Risk Services) and Hayley (Handley Accounting) Enjoying morning tea and a coffee on us.

Client Andrew Sebestyen and Consulting partner Chris Hayward enjoying business conversation over croissants and coffee