Understanding Business Management Software

Are you ready to improve business efficiency, encourage knowledge-sharing between employees, monitor overall company performance and implement continuous improvement?
Then this workshop is for you!

We will give you insight into the following:

  • Implementation Planning and Defining Performance Criteria
  • Training and Compliance Monitoring
  • Leveraging the Resources of Your software vendors
  • Identifying Business System Improvement Opportunities
  • Monitoring and Continuous Improvement


Steve Davis

FAMI CPM Principal, Marketing Communication Consultant, Talked About Marketing

Steve Davis has lived his life by the Oscar Wilde principle, there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s NOT being talked about.

Throughout his 20 years as a marketing communication consultant and creative director, Steve has drawn on his background in radio, journalism, and theatre, to create content that gets his clients talked about.

But he doesn’t just advise his clients to produce content, he walks the talk.

He has delivered workshops to thousands of businesses, been a keynote speaker, and, in 2013 he started The Adelaide Show podcast which has built a loyal audience and been a finalist in the national podcast awards.

Steve believes all businesses are sitting on goldmines of potential content and his role is to help you unlock those valuable marketing.