Leveraging LinkedIn to Build your Brand

LinkedIn. It's the #1 Professional Networking platform in the world. Many of us have a LinkedIn profile but are we leveraging it to help build a profile and brand for ourselves and our businesses?

Join our upcoming 2.5 hour Zoom session.

In Part 1 I'll be discussing the elements that makes a quality and credible LinkedIn profile. This is crucial before you embark on connecting with others and posting content on LinkedIn.

In Part 2 I'll share with you how to use LinkedIn to create new relationships, maintain existing ones and how to stay front of mind.

Find a quiet space, bring a notepad and pen and join me.


Kerryn Page

Owner & ‘Spruiker’, Quisk Design

Business owner and qualified trainer who has worked in branding and marketing for 13+ years. She has been described as engaging, warming, relevant and practical; providing education, group training sessions and personalised consultations on topics including branding, marketing and digital media including social media. Since starting the business in 2006 with her husband, Kerryn now co-manages a full team of professionals who partner with businesses of all sizes and within all industries, helping bring their brand to life.

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