Get your Business Online

This workshop will help any new business (and a lot of existing businesses) understand the most effective method of getting themselves online.

Information covered in the workshop includes:

  • Understanding the link between your customer’s buying behaviour and what digital channels are most appropriate.
  • The importance of local search engine visibility.
  • Online reviews. How important are they?
  • Websites. Do you need one?
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn? One, two, or all of them?
  • Digital Advertising. What might work for you.

Attendees do not need to bring a device to the session and the material covered does not assume any previous knowledge.

However, it might useful to bring a device so you can check out your own business and your competitors online as different topics are covered.


Mark Nemtsas

Digital Business Advisor, Polaris Centre

Mark Nemtsas, founded a business in 2003 that has developed software products that are used by more than 15,000 companies in the USA. He is also part owner in an antiques and collectables business that has traded online for several years and recently setup a retail space in Adelaide. Mark has extensive experience in most aspects of digital marketing including cost and time efficient website development, Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, content developments, SEO, and appropriate use of Social Media.

In addition to promoting his own businesses online Mark has worked with more than 300 different businesses in his role as Digital Business Advisor at the Polaris Centre. This work has assisted existing businesses improve their digital footprint and helped new businesses get off to a running start in their digital lives.