Effective Ecommerce - How to prepare for selling online

In this era of Covid-19 isolation, more people are wanting to buy products and services online.
There are some important steps for entering the world of Ecommerce wisely.

In this workshop, experienced marketers, Steve Davis and Michael Shanahan, will help you take a structured approach for gearing up for online sales, covering:

• How to plan your online sales strategy

• How to choose between the various Ecommerce channels (your own website, Facebook, Shopify, etc)

• How to incorporate payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, etc), shipping, returns, coupons, and reviews

• How to craft your site content to make marketing more likely to succeed

After two hours, you will leave with a helpful overview of how to approach Ecommerce.

And most likely you'll also leave with a list of questions which the presenters will be able to address in your one-on-one follow up sessions (for eligible businesses).

By covering these important fundamentals for preparing to "sell" online, you'll be in a good position for practicing effective Ecommerce.

This workshop is for business owners with an existing website; attendees are not required to have a laptop or other online device for this workshop.