DIY Fringe Marketing

DIY Fringe Marketing is a three-hour workshop for performers and producers in which Steve Davis (theatre reviewer, Fringe performer, podcaster, and marketing consultant) will show how you can build some simple but effective marketing thinking into the planning of your next production.

In 2020, the Adelaide Fringe will be celebrating 60 years as an open-access arts festival and competition for audience members will be as fierce as ever.

The workshop will cover:

  • Uncovering “talk worthy” elements from your show by using the Design Thinking process
  • Identifying and planning to connect with “natural” audiences for your production
  • Making your Fringe guide listing compelling
  • Putting your smartphone to work for better images and video
  • Social media and online PR tools and tips, including scheduling your activity
  • Collaborating with venues and other performers
  • Courting reviewers, media, and podcasters
  • SEO checklist

At the end of this workshop, you will have a marketing mindset to apply to your upcoming production, along with a toolkit of online resources, to help you “sell out” in a good way!

Participants are also entitled to 2 hours one-on-one marketing discussion after the workshop, to ensure they can put the material to work for them.

This workshop complements the DIY Smartphone Photos and Video workshop.