Digital Marketing Tool Kit

This workshop is ideal for business owners and operators who would like to improve and develop their own digital marketing tool kit when targeting interstate and/or export markets.

Deciding what is the best approach to marketing your business and which are the most cost-effective marketing activities and tools to use is not always simple and easy.

It can be very expensive and ‘soul-destroying’ if you invest significant financial resources and your time in marketing and sales tools that do not general sales and profits.

Some questions to consider include:

  • Where do my customers turn to for information regarding my products or services?
  • Which tools are most effective to reach my target customers and convey my messages?
  • How can I capitalize on low-cost digital tools to improve my success?

This workshop will help you develop your own Digital Marketing Tool Kit and Digital Action Plan to best reach your customers and increase your sales conversions.

We will explain the different low-cost digital marketing alternatives and help you decide which are likely to be most effective in helping you generate increased sales and profits.

This workshop will help you improve your digital marketing in the following key areas:

Digital marketing overview and developing an online marketing strategy for exporters

  • Social Media content development and using SEO and content marketing to target export markets
  • Using other digital tools and techniques for export sales including sales journey mapping, email marketing and marketing automation
  • Applications of digital advertising (e.g. Social Media and Google) for targeted export markets


Patrick Baker

Managing Director, Baker Marketing

Patrick offers a refreshing approach to solving the problems of medium to large-sized business, because his expertise is underpinned by hands-on “know how”, gleaned from running his family export company and personally investing in marketing and export activities.

With a down-to-earth and entertaining delivery style, he is able to tailor his cutting-edge thinking to provide “grass roots” insights for clients, drawn from his expansive marketing knowledge.

Patrick is an experienced marketer who has held senior marketing and sales management positions within large Australian and International companies including a U.S. Fortune 500 leader Merck and Australian- owned companies Faulding and Dairy Vale Foods.

Since establishing Baker Marketing in 1998, Patrick has worked closely with many medium to large-sized retailers and manufacturers, offering marketing and sales advice directly, and through his highly-skilled team of consultants.