Covid-19 Cash Chest

Are you concerned about your Covid19 Cash Chest now or the potential financial impacts that may yet be ahead?

Let us help you understand the story of financial past, the implications of Covid19 affecting the present through to scripting your financial future for success.

  • Simplified bookkeeping tips and tools to keep your financial records up to date
  • Explanation of key financial reports (in terms we can all understand)
  • How to find cash in your business
  • How to minimise expenses
  • How to maximise opportunities (including current financial grants and stimulus packages)
  • How to create a budget (even a plan made with pen and paper is better than no plan at all)


Samantha Docking

Founder, BOSS

Founder of BOSS Business Office Support Services in 2013, Sam is passionate about empowering businesses to succeed to support their communities and build stronger futures.

Sam brings you an extensive level of knowledge across finances, people and systems having worked across a number of industries and with thousands of businesses over the last twenty years.