Building Digital Foundations for China

While many SA businesses have made their first steps into China by attending trade shows, there is an opportunity to accelerate growth through developing a unique brand value proposition and an integrated digital strategy specially designed for China.

It is very important for an SME to understand the basics such as Chinese digital landscape, social media engagement, and website content adaptation. This workshop will provide a step-by-step guide for the participants to become digital ready for China.

Workshop learning outcomes

  • Where should you start? How much should you spend?
  • Cultural considerations when developing your digital plan
  • B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) digital marketing
  • How to make your website digitally visible and accessible in China
  • How to create and populate your Chinese social media account

Workshop attendees are required to bring a mobile device or a laptop with internet access to the workshop.


Jing Cao

Managing Director, Chinese Language and Cultural Advice

Born and raised in China, Jing came to Australia in 2002 after completing his undergraduate degree in Europe. He is an expert in management consulting, cultural competency training, digital solutions and branding strategy development.

Jing has worked with many iconic Australian brands, educational institutions, and government agencies to improve their business and cultural intelligence skills needed to build partnerships and expand into Asia’s largest market.