Bootstrap Bonanza: Skyrocket Your Business Growth Without Breaking the Bank!

To attend, you must be a South Australian, for-profit, small business owner with an ABN, employing 20 or less.

**This workshop is part of the Digital Solutions Program**

Ready to see your business soar to new heights, but your budget is more like a paper airplane than a private jet?

In this session, we'll arm you with wallet-wise strategies that can help you compete with the giants. Get ready to transform your financial constraints into creative explosions!

Here’s What We’ve Packed In:

Frugal Innovation: Embrace the art of doing more with less and push the boundaries of your business's capabilities.

Marketing Magic on a Dime: Discover how to craft compelling marketing campaigns that cut through the noise, without cutting a hefty check.

Resourcefulness as a Routine: Make efficiency your business's default setting to optimize operations and skyrocket productivity.

Date: Wednesday 21st February 2024

Time: 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Cost: FREE

Location: Online via Zoom - link will be emailed prior to webinar