Blogging for Recovery

Build marketing resilience with a Google-smart business blog

Let's face it. Many business people have heard of blogging, are vaguely aware it is talked about by marketers as something worth doing, and have possibly dabbled from time to time with inconclusive outcomes.

Why turn to blogging now amid the challenges of dealing with Covid-19 disruptions?

There are two reasons.

• Firstly, blogging remains the primary SEO tactic that Google publicly endorses and as the world reshapes its searching activity over the months ahead, you need to make sure you've done everything possible to hold your own and boost your rankings so you can be found by your ideal customers and clients.

• And, secondly, if you are using this period of disruption to reset all your business basics, like getting robust search analytics in place (learn more about our Marketing You Can Measure workshop, or one of our marketing packages), then it makes sense to include a smart approach to blogging in your refreshed marketing strategy.

Steve Davis has been blogging and preaching the benefits of blogging to small business owners since 2005, while Michael has been building blogging strategies for government departments and large organisations over that same period. And while most of their advice has remained evergreen, there have been shifts in Google search engine algorithms in recent years, resulting in new insights that tilt more than ever toward a philosophy of Quality over Quantity.

In this workshop, Steve and Michael will outline:

• how blogging fits within a digital marketing strategy

• the reasons for blogging

• the different styles or types of blogging

• the anatomy of a blog

• content idea generation

• publishing and promoting blogs

• measuring the impact of blogs as you recover from the pandemic

You will leave this workshop with a clearer, "real world" understanding of how important blogging is and how you can blog strategically to boost your profile and increase your ongoing presence in organic search results for the audiences you care about.