Accelerate your ROI with PRI™

Priya-Marie’s 2-hour workshop gives businesses in growth phases the clarity and confidence to realise their unique potential and begin achieving their goals.

Using the PRI™ method, this practical workshop will support you in:

  • Creating your Ideal Client profile
  • Defining your client’s Buying Signals
  • Understand your true Unique Selling Proposition
  • And bring it all together with a practical acceleration strategy


Priya Robert

Executive Coach

About Priya – Executive Coach

Prior to running a coaching business, Priya had a successful ten-year career in sales, marketing and

recruitment. This ranged from working with large corporates like Johnson & Johnson and 3M, to being behind the launch of two large start-ups in Australia and Dubai.

She is the founder of the PRI™ coaching program, which she designed to give ambitious business

owners the strategies, development and ongoing coaching needed to achieve their business vision and personal goals.

About Priya Marie.Co – Executive and Business Coaching

Priya-Marie Coaching gives SMEs in growth phases the clarity, confidence, and acceleration

strategy to release their unique potential and realise their goals.

Using the PRI™ model, she provides:

  • Strategy sessions to clarify the real challenges to address and create practical solutions.

Ongoing results coaching to closely support owners or leaders, in a personalised, high-touch format to accelerate the ROI from all their sales and marketing investments