Social Media & Digital Marketing 

Patrick Baker, Managing Director, Baker Marketing
Steve Davis, Creative Director, Baker Marketing

A once-only fee of $55 gives full access to all services including:

  •  Multiple 3-hour workshops
  •  An additional 1-hour complimentary consulting session following a workshop of your choice.
  • Exclusive entry to the Digital Solutions portal to register for webinars and download resources

about This Workshop

Do you want to build your brand on social media and find out about the latest digital marketing trends?
Are you keen to source new customers and increase your conversion rates? This workshop will show you how to systemise and streamline your digital marketing activities for maximum effect.

  • Digital marketing overview
  • Developing an online marketing strategy
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media content development
  • Social PPC (pay per click) advertising
  • Inbound marketing and automation

Your Facilitator

Patrick Baker 
Managing Director, Baker Marketing

Patrick offers a refreshing approach to solving the problems of medium to large-sized business, because his expertise is underpinned by hands-on “know how”, gleaned from running his family export company and personally investing in marketing and export activities.

 With a down-to-earth and entertaining delivery style, he is able to tailor his cutting-edge thinking to provide “grass roots” insights for clients, drawn from his expansive marketing knowledge.

Patrick is an experienced marketer who has held senior marketing and sales management positions within large Australian and International companies including a U.S. Fortune 500 leader Merck and Australian- owned companies Faulding and Dairy Vale Foods.

Since establishing Baker Marketing in 1998, Patrick has worked closely with many medium to large-sized retailers and manufacturers, offering marketing and sales advice directly, and through his highly-skilled team of consultants.

Your Facilitator

Steve Davis
Creative Director, Baker Marketing

Steve delivers a wide range of quality presentations and workshops for Baker Marketing’s clients. His extensive experience and entertaining presentation style have made him Adelaide’s “go to man” for business owners who want to tap into the global digital marketplace.

With 20 years of experience in online marketing and website development, Steve consults directly to business owners and boards about various marketing challenges, including social media and website marketing. He has a particular interest in how to properly integrate such channels of communication within a business’ own marketing strategy.


Brighton Civic Centre
Kingston Room
24 Jetty Road
Brighton, SA 5048

Wednesday 27 March 2019
9:15am to 12:30pm


Coober Pedy

CFS Training Room
Lot 502, Hutchison Street
Coober Pedy, SA 5723

Thursday 28th March 2019
5:15pm to 8:30pm


Port Augusta

Port Augusta Business Centre
2A Stirling Road
Port Augusta, SA 5700

Monday 8th April 2019
5:15pm to 8:30pm


Roxby Downs

Business Solutions SA
Community Youth Centre
1-15 Richardson Place
Roxby Downs, SA 5725

Tuesday 9th April 2019
5:15pm to 8:30pm