DIY Smartphone Photos & Videos

Facilitator: Steve Davis Principal, Marketing Communication Consultant,
Talked About Marketing

A once-only fee of $55 gives full access to all services including:

  •  One 3-hour workshop
  •  An additional 2-hour complimentary consulting session following a workshop of your choice.
  • Exclusive entry to the Digital Solutions portal to register for webinars and download resources

About This Workshop

Social media is hungry for your photos and videos and using a professional is not always practical or affordable. This entertaining, hands-on workshop will empower you with some simple disciplines and tricks to boost your confidence and help you take better photos and videos.

You can use your sharper smartphone skills to brighten up your Instagram feed, make your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles more engaging, and even capture client testimonials and staff profiles.

This workshop will cover:

– How to compose photos

– How to control focus and exposure like a pro

– How to create and plan interesting video content

– How to use inexpensive add ons to boost video sound and quality

– How to apply simple editing to videos either on your smartphone or computer

– How to share your photos and videos more effectively on social media

Your trainer, Steve Davis, has produced video documentaries, commercial photography and many hours of social media video. He’ll give you the insights to empower you to craft smart content quickly, for those situations when you can’t justify a full budget and outsourced production team.

This workshop is suitable for people with Android smartphones and iPhones.


Your Facilitator

Steve Davis FAMI CPM
Principal, Marketing Communication Consultant, Talked About Marketing

Steve Davis has lived his life by the Oscar Wilde principle, there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s NOT being talked about.
Throughout his 20 years as a marketing communication consultant and creative director, Steve has drawn on his background in radio, journalism, and theatre, to create content that gets his clients talked about.

But he doesn’t just advise his clients to produce content, he walks the talk.
He has delivered workshops to thousands of businesses, been a keynote speaker, and, in 2013 he started The Adelaide Show podcast which has built a loyal audience and been a finalist in the
national podcast awards.
Steve believes all businesses are sitting on goldmines of potential content and his role is to help you unlock those valuable marketing assets.



Imagination Building
54 Hyde Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Monday 6th April

9:45am to 1:00pm