Developing your Digital Marketing Strategy

Facilitator: Patrick Baker, Managing Director, Baker Marketing

A once-only fee of $55 gives full access to all services including:

  •  Multiple 3-hour workshops
  •  An additional 1-hour complimentary consulting session following a workshop of your choice.
  • Exclusive entry to the Digital Solutions portal to register for webinars and download resources

About This Workshop

Are you spending time and money on SEO, blogging and social media activities?

Many businesses leap straight into implementing digital marketing activities.

However, you will avoid mistakes and improve your return on your digital marketing investment if you define your strategy first.

This workshop will lead you through the key steps to define your digital marketing strategy including:

  • Your company-wide digital strategy
  • Defining your digital target markets
  • Making yourself attractive/irresistible in the digital space
  • Choosing and scheduling the most effective digital tools
    for your business

Your Facilitator

Patrick Baker
Managing Director, Baker Marketing

Patrick offers a refreshing approach to solving the problems of medium to large-sized business, because his expertise is underpinned by hands-on “know how”, gleaned from running his family export company and personally investing in marketing and export activities.

 With a down-to-earth and entertaining delivery style, he is able to tailor his cutting-edge thinking to provide “grass roots” insights for clients, drawn from his expansive marketing knowledge.

 Patrick is an experienced marketer who has held senior marketing and sales management positions within large Australian and International companies including a U.S. Fortune 500 leader Merck and Australian- owned companies Faulding and Dairy Vale Foods.

 Since establishing Baker Marketing in 1998, Patrick has worked closely with many medium to large-sized retailers and manufacturers, offering marketing and sales advice directly, and through his highly-skilled team of consultants.

Murray Bridge

RDA Murraylands & Riverland
137 Adelaide Road
Murray Bridge, SA 5254

Tuesday 12th March 2019
9:45am to 1:00pm


 RDA Murraylands & Riverland
6 Kay Avenue
Berri, SA, 5343

Thursday 21st March
1:45pm to 5:00pm


Naracoorte Town Hall
Meeting Room
95 Smith Street
Naracoorte, SA 5271

Monday 1st April
1:45pm to 5:00pm


RDA Limestone Coast
Forestry SA Building – Boardroom
152 Jubilee Highway East
Mount Gambier, SA 5290

Tuesday 2nd April 
1:45pm to 5:00pm