Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Email Marketing with MailChimp

Facilitator: Steve Davis, Creative Director, Baker Marketing

A once-only fee of $55 gives full access to all services including:

  •  Multiple 3-hour workshops
  •  An additional 1-hour complimentary consulting session following a workshop of your choice.
  • Exclusive entry to the Digital Solutions portal to register for webinars and download resources

About This Workshop

Would you like to manage your customer information more effectively? Do you want to get the best results from your email marketing? Learn how to maximise your customer relationships and create dynamic email campaigns with this workshop:

  • How to build your CRM system into a valuable business asset
  • Pros and cons of various CRM systems
  • How to use MailChimp to build your CRM database
  • Creating branded e-newsletters to engage with your target customers

This workshop is for business owners with an existing website; attendees are not required to bring a laptop or other online device to the workshop.

Your Facilitator

Steve Davis
Creative Director, Baker Marketing

Steve delivers a wide range of quality presentations and workshops for Baker Marketing’s clients. His extensive experience and entertaining presentation style have made him Adelaide’s “go to man” for business owners who want to tap into the global digital marketplace.

With 20 years of experience in online marketing and website development, Steve consults directly to business owners and boards about various marketing challenges, including social media and website marketing. He has a particular interest in how to properly integrate such channels of communication within a business’ own marketing strategy.


ANZ Boardroom
21st Floor
11 Waymouth Street
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Wednesday 13th March 2019

9:15am to 12:30pm


Business Innovation Hub
Gawler Civic Centre
19 Murray Street
Gawler SA 5118

Tuesday 26th March 2019

5:45pm to 9:00pm